Hola, soy Melvin

22/05/2012 - #zkLAB -

Tras Precious, la bici con cerebro, conocemos a Melvin, la planta dicharachera.
MrMelvinGreen [@MrMelvinGreen] tiene la necesidad de ir contándonos cómo está y cómo se siente gracias a estos componentes y a Treeloc.
zuloark Hola, soy Melvin
En el proyecto dice:
Treeloc is a technical translation company. A specialization that rarely sees the light of day. For this reason, we decided to translate something that has never been translated before. Something that breathes, feels and has its own language, and which has been impossible to decipher. Until today.

Melvin Green is the first plant to be connected to an artificial intelligence engine which translates his electrophysiology into tweets Yes, you read that right.

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